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GBV Prevention through Social Mobilization

Mushaira on Ending Violence Against Women Under the Project GBV Prevention Through Social Mobilization.

GBV Prevention through Social Mobilization

ACT has always considered GBV as a key challenge for women’s rights in Pakistan and resolved to challenge Gender Based Violence at all levels through conventional and innovative approaches. ACT has adopted various techniques such as community mobilization, policy advocacy, men engagement and media utilization for challenging the GBV. ACT envisaged a social mobilization campaign against GBV in six districts of KP in 2016 which could empower the women to fight against violence, involve men to become partners and stakeholders in campaigning, engage media and conduct policy advocacy.

As a result, ACT validated and identified the specific problems pertaining to prevention of GBV by using the secondary source information as well as carried out baseline assessment survey in the proposed districts of KP. The core gaps related to the problems of GBV prevention included creation of demand at community level about GBV responsiveness, existing knowledge attitude and practices on GBV, existing pattern of disseminating information and creating awareness and voices of constituencies related to response services.

ACT identified two major challenges in terms of dealing with GBV in the region:

  • Lack of education, knowledge, information, pro practices amongst community (men, women, boys, girls) and society at large about GBV prevention;
  • Lack of voices and non-existence of constituencies at community and institutional level about the prevention of GBV and its effective responsiveness/accountability at public and private service providers’ side.

As a result, a strong advocacy based campaign was planned at the community, administration and civil society level along with engagement of local media. It addressed these key problems by mitigating/addressing the identified causes through meaningful engagement of communities and all relevant stakeholders.

The project has been able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Organized and mobilized communities (24,000 community members in 30 villages) upon GBV related issues in targeted areas in order to promote reduced tolerance towards GBV.
  • Formulated 120 communities based Gender Ambassador Team-(GAT) to increase their knowledge upon GBV related legislation, referral mechanism and role of other service providers.
  • Imparted skills among 1200 Gender Ambassador Team-(GAT) members for designing and implementing awareness raising campaigns and 120 action plans (each group to complete one action plan) for the prevention of GBV related issues.
  • Made committee members aware of their roles and responsibilities related to reporting and advocating GBV related issues.
  • Increased awareness among communities pertaining to GBV response services and GBV related rights.
  • Improved linkages among community, stakeholders (Imam-e-masjid, teachers, community elders, lawyers, journalists etc.) and GBV service providers.
  • Ensured active reporting and emphasizing upon GBV related laws and their implementation by District Level Stakeholders (media, bar council and local government bodies).