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Creating Awareness and Demand for Birth Registration

Session with Men and women on Creating Awareness for Birth Registration.

Creating Awareness and Demand for Birth Registration

The Local Government and Rural Development Department (LGRDD) of KPTD is facing numerous challenges with regards to its capacity in dealing with many issues alongside the temporarily displaced persons, security problems and developmental activities. A need was felt with regards to department’s capacity in dealing with the ‘Birth Registration’ issue where the communities lack awareness on the purpose, benefits or processes of birth registration.

In order to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Local Government and Rural Development Department of FATA for the implementation of “Birth Registration Initiative,” a 6 months’ knowledge-creation and demand-generation activity was designed and carried out in partnership with UNICEF and the MIDAS Communication in Bara, Khyber Agency. The assignment ensured to address the challenges of forced marriages, child labor, employment in hazardous industries, and recruitment by armed groups, illegal adoption and trafficking. The birth registration is also expected to help the beneficiaries to claim inheritance rights, social benefits and citizenship rights. The intervention is a step towards social welfare plan for the beneficiary families and their newborn children.

The intervention ensured effective communication, beneficiary outreach and mobilization strategy satisfying the core objectives of the project. It was expected to reach 250,307 beneficiaries through this assignment, while achieving the ultimate objective of child rights protection.

The project involves following activities to achieve this result:

  • Identification and mapping of potential facilitators, prevailing social norms, all vulnerable children, and alternative care institutions in Bara Khyber Agency.
  • Design and development of training and IEC material including production and placement.
  • Engagement with local communities and stakeholders for the effective promotion of the right of the child to a legal identity through birth registration.

Further, ACT started with forming consensus among relevant stakeholders for registration of children who had not yet been registered with local government department to legitimize their identity. The list of notables/influential of the area was derived in consultation with the office of Assistant Political Agent. With the help of local notables, the relevant stakeholders like LHWs, Nikah Khwans, Maliks and elders were involved in Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) to mobilize the communities. The practice helped to identify media habits and other locally suitable mode of communication for media strategy.

Moreover, a media campaign was also planned in order to outreach all communities in the area. It focused on demand generation at the community level which ultimately lead to increased birth registrations. A total of 1554 men and 525 women had been mobilized to receive education for birth registration in Bara, Khyber Agency. ok