Youth Mentoring Program through Community Centre Platform

It is 6 months UNDP funded project starting from Nov 2015 till April 2016. This project aims to increase youth community engagement and volunteerism for empowering them as the engine for greater social cohesion.
The project revolves around already developed community centers which will serve as a hub. It will start with the identification of active youth members from the selected community. A total of 13 youth groups which will be called WISE groups (Willful Initiative for Social Empowerment) will be selected from community as well as educational institutions. These groups will be delivered extensive trainings on leadership, life skills, conflict resolution and entrepreneurship through mentor who will be identified after 12 meetings with community elders, specialists and renowned professionals. Mentors will hold bi-monthly meetings with WISE groups which will be conducted at community centers. These mentors will share their experience and pass on their knowledge to the young generation by engaging them in different activities under SAP (Social Action Plan) at their community level during the bi-monthly meetings at community centers. The mentors will facilitate and guide the young members to execute their social action project and will help generate report and present at community center for future inspiration.
There shall be inspirational mentoring seminars where a seasoned businessman, an old agriculturist, a teacher/professor, an enlightened and unbiased religious scholar or an influential tribal elder will share his/her experiences and administrative powers. Each of them will have a presentation at seminars at community level to address youth and their issues. These ideas conceived by the youth and exercised at micro level should have the potential to be put into practice at macro level.
To enhance capacity building of the WISE groups 15 days training courses at community centers upon movie making, photo editing, mobile applications and website development including Microsoft office will be offered to the members of WISE groups.
A national level symposium will also be organized in Islamabad where these WISE groups and mentors will have interaction with celebrities, individuals and renowned persons.
For monitoring of the project team will develop a result based management plan with performance indicators for both qualitative and quantitative activities. Youth groups will also be made responsible to contribute in the monitoring process. A monitoring schedule will be developed for whole project cycle.
Young people joining this program will embark on a journey of discovery. They will discover strengths inside them, community engagement skills and most importantly a caring mentor to guide them along the process. The path mentors take to accompany mentees and guide them is based upon unique model of volunteerism where different strengths gather on a same platform to contribute as a responsible activist on community level. We have devised program sessions that are fun and meaningful in order to provide experiences to our youth and their mentors to become agents of change in the society.

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