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Youth is the major part of Pakistani society, as Pakistan’s population consists of 63% youth and being a major part of population youth has a significant role in society. It is highly significant to take this 63% as a future of the country as they will be grown up and ultimately become the asset for the country.

ACT International believes on sustainable youth development process and impels need to drive youth involvement at three levels which includes national, regional and district level.

The primary level of involvement of youth will be predominantly at local level by doing ‘Actions’, influence policy level and contribute at strategic level. Therefore, it has been envisioned that youth needs to be involved in different interventions by building their capacity and enhanced their existing life skills.

It is pertinent for ensuring the consideration and sustained engagement of youth in different intervention a ‘youth owned institutional’ arrangement needs to be in place which van be serve as the nucleus of youth activists and help in persuading the agenda of youth development and facilitate in determination the learning and replicate the model by opting natural spin over impact of activities.

Keeping in view the regional cultural, geographical and demographical situation the engagement of youth will be ensure by using three tiers of structure representation of youth both vertically and horizontally. These whole phenomena of youth engagement will manage the youth advocacy group (YAG) frame work.


Participation of youth to develop a better future

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of young people by campaigning the protection and promotion of youth rights including peace, cultural integration, governance, and leadership etc. to reduce the extreme behaviors of youth by behavioral interventions; to sensitize young leaders on interfaith/intercultural harmony, peace, civic education and democratic citizenship; to organize them into groups, so that they can play their role as agents of change in society.


Young people in Pakistan are the most vulnerable group to issues. Therefore there is a strong need to address young people’s issues; by adopting the youth engagement and involvement, rights-based, gender-responsive and empowering approach.

YAF members will work with the young people and impart life and advocacy skills to them, so that they can advocate for their rights and make their voices heard.

Because every youth counts


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