Youth Development

Aiming youth participation and development for a prosperous society.


1. Expedite volunteerism

2. Youth capacity building

3. Resolution of youth’s issue

4. Providing a platform to express, share and resolve youth issues

5. Providing an opportunity of exchange

6. Youth leadership, participation and development

Youth is the most important segment of Pakistani society, consisting of more than 60% of total population. Due to being a developing country, Pakistan has not been able to fully utilize the potential of this segment. With a number of issues pertaining to these young souls which includes education, health, employment, development and opportunities, the youth needs an urgent response to make them skillful, and able to handle the challenges of the future. ACT International firmly intends to work for the betterment of youth by using different innovative approaches. The programme is designed to ensure the achievement of long-term goals of youth’s capacity building and development.


• Young people

• Parents

• Donors and Youth based organizations

• Government

• Corporate and Civic agencies

• National and International Non-Government Organizations.

• Donor Agencies.

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