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To become the most reliable, precise and result oriented research platform through which we generate actionable and result driven insights”

Introduction to Research & Development Unit

The idea behind the conception of the Research Unit is to support and complement the current programs of ACT International and the provision of services to other social sector enterprises in the short run and in the coming years to extend the scope of service to corporate sector especially in the area of social corporate responsibility.

The new unit of ACT International will build on the current in-house expertise and provide services to social sector organizations by engaging and collaborating with the sector experts.

Our objective is to provide our clients with the most effective and actionable solutions to their problems. We believe that being a social sector organization ourselves, we will bring a better understanding to the dynamics of social sector, this will lead us to an improved assessment of client’s needs and help us to provide with the best possible resolution to the problems.



“To become the most reliable, precise and result oriented research platform”


“To ensure knowledge management and provide with evidence based decision making insights to clients by using formative, adaptive and applied researches”




Services provided:

  • Adaptive Research
  • Applied Research
  • Applied Research
  • Model and Design Development
  • Evaluations and Assessment

Research Capacity of the institution 

The organization is currently engaged in a Social Mobilization (SM) project in 32 districts of Pakistan including Pakistan Administered Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan. At the inception stage of the programme, ACT International team applied adaptive research techniques to design the CCT program of social mobilization aligning the CCT program as per local context. The program design was then piloted in 5 districts for implementation and eventually has been extended to 32 districts. From the stage of inception to implementation in 32 districts, ACT International applied extensive research related activities i.e. baseline survey, end lines, adaptive researches as per need, modeling and designing of program.

ACT International is involved in GBV project in three districts of KP which includes Nowshera, Mardan and Sawabi. The project working approach is based on two major strategies, i.e. social mobilization for prevention of GBV and advocacy for strengthening GBV response services prevailing in the above mentioned districts. An extensive baseline survey research was conducted to establish the benchmark against the indicators set for the program. The baseline survey report is available at In light of the findings of the baseline a Social Mobilization Model (SMM) was proposed by ACT International which is currently at the pilot stage.

ACT International is also engaged in youth development (Boys and Girls) by imparting its holistic initiative of YAF-Youth Advocacy Forums in six districts including Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Hattian, Neelum, Bagh, Mansehra, and Charsada.A research was conducted at the inception stage of the programme to merge the youth’s expectations and perspective in the program design so that the true spirit and results could be achieved using youth. The Youth Advocacy Forum is an innovative voluntary work focused model which is indigenously developed by the program and research unit team at ACT International and currently being piloted in six districts across country. The national youth summit reports can be accessed at:

Other major research based projects and publications 

  • Partners Capacity Assessment for The Asian Foundation (TAF): A comprehensive assessment of partner was conducted at national level. The assessment was done using the most relevant and effective tools which were developed by the research team. Further, all the field work, data management and report were completed using in-house capacity.
  • End of Project Evaluation for Oxfam GB: An end of project assessment of a project on farmer rights was conducted at national level. The evaluation was done through the standard Preparatory phase, Desk phase, Field phase and Synthesis phase.
  • Mid Term Evaluation for The Asian Foundation (TAF): ACT International has completed a midterm evaluation for REAT network which is a national level program funded by TAF and addresses the issue of minority rights.
  • Mapping, Profiling and Training Need Assessment (TNA) for UNICEF: ACT International in collaboration with Human Resource Learning Center (HRLC) has completed a mapping and profiling exercise of departments for FATA Secretariat for a child protection and child right program.
  • Budget Review of Agriculture Sector in KP for last five years for ACTIONAID: ACT International completed an assignment which addressed the issue of food security and role of small farmers in light of the budgetary analysis of agriculture sector in KP.

Other assignments include

  • Assessment and rollout of concept pertaining to creation of assets for rural women by using local resource under Area Development Project of UNDP
  • Project formulation and designing of indigenous program packages and products of small entrepreneurship for rural women of Sindh
  • Developed product packages for RCDS Narowal and Jinnah welfare society Gujranwala with the financial assistance of PPRA.
  • Millennium Development Goals assessment report for District Haripur
  • Report on “Conflict Prevention” between different set of educational institutions
  • Baseline study of building economic opportunities for rural women through creating assets and small business opportunities for TROCAIRE
  • Baseline Survey Livelihood for UC Shohal Mazullah, Distrcit Mansera
  • Field assessment report on gender equity in district Muzaffarabad
  • Assessment report on mechanism for transparency accountability andante corruption in different government institution of AJK
  • Rapid assessment report Women’s access to justice and human rights in Muzaffarabad
  • Rapid Assessment report of primary education, ZERAN Upper Kurram, Kurram Agency FATA
  • Rapid Assessment report of primary education, UC Gogra District Muzaffrabad AJK
  • Rapid Assessment report of primary education, UC Surbander District Gawadar AJK


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