Child Protection

An enabling education environment for all children focusing on access, quality and retention


  1. Change social practices and attitudes to create a child friendly environment;
  2. Advocate for policy and legislative reforms to ensure child rights;
  3. Respond and take effective measures to rehabilitate marginalized groups of children
  4. Ensure that voices of children are heard without distinction of class, color or creed
  5. Facilitate community based child protection networks by creating a cadre of volunteers


  • Children and their families
  • Specifically children without parental care and children in street
  • Government institutions
  • Child rights focused National and International Organizations
  • Local Communities and opinion makers


Child Protection Programme follows area development approach with integrated package of programme interventions. The approach is three pronged in its nature to address the protection issues and promotes child rights. It includes a) Working with communities ensuring meaningful participation of children at grassroots level to establish a mechanism which ensures that the targeted population (children) has been protected and safeguarded from all forms of abuse and exploitation and their rights are promoted by creating networks and develop a cadre of volunteers to work as watchdog in their geographical proximities.  Child Protection Programme facilitates communities to establish Informal and indigenous referral mechanisms that are linked with concerned line departments.  b) Advocacy at policy level through building constituencies, conducting evidence based research, launching issue-based campaigns by involving children to bring about policy and legislative reforms. c) Develop programme packages, with pro-active consultation of target audience (children and communities), responding and taking effective measures to rehabilitate marginalized groups of children specially children without parental care and children in street.


The Child Protection Unit plans and executes its interventions according to defined approach with pro-active involvement of all stakeholders especially children. During the course of implementation, the core values and principles of protection of child rights are adhered by adopting the best practices of advocacy and service delivery to address exploitation, abuse and neglect. ACT International foresees sustainability by adopting child and communities centered approach with low cost indigenous programming. The protection of children is an integral part of all ACT International’s thematic areas and caters to the diverse needs of the programme outreach.

The above mentioned working approach will be rolled out under the frame of four pronged strategy of ACT International including CDP, RPP, PPP and outreach program.

Institutional Capacity

Child Protection team of ACT International has extensive experience in protecting and promoting child rights under different circumstances including emergencies, conflict situations and children in street and involved in hazardous labor, etc. The children forums and child protection committees are the core strength of the program. A Child Protection Advisory Group (CPAG) shall be constituted by the child rights and protection practitioners representing public, civil society and academia which will be value addition in terms of institutional capacity of the child protection programme of ACT International. The CPAG shall oversee the overall performance of the child protection programme, and provide strategic guidance and mentoring when and where required.

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