Progamme Review meeting

Programme Review meeting (BISP) was held at ACT head office on 15th to 17th October 2015. In this meeting the Progress Review of Waseela-e-Taleem program, SM activities & finalization of SM deliverables, Registration, Enrollment, attendance compliance & finalization of registration deliverables, Capacity Building, Monitoring & quality assurance, Coordination with BISP and Overview of Re-structuring & Reporting Mechanism was brought under discussion.
Progress review as of Oct-10th-2015 was presented by Program Coordinator Education. Overall performance analysis was done. Furthermore, gaps were also identified and team was headed towards coping strategy. It was decided during meeting that SM team will focus on identification of “STI’s”. In mapping report, complete information of STI’s should be reflected. It was agreed during meeting that field teams will Build strong working relationship with ADs, submit and share the work plans in time, assist divisional director in DCC meetings as required and maintain all correspondence records. CEO & Manager Operations ACT International shared with team the overview of re-structuring. They further shared that from 1st of Nov-2015 this revised structure will be followed by all teams.

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