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The Act-International will define the geographical outreach of its program on the basis of existing social development indicators. This pocketing exercise will clearly map out the most deprived and vulnerable population pockets on the basis of secondary data which reflects intensity of poverty, threats of disasters/ conflicts, vulnerability, frequency of incidents related to exploitation of children and women etc. The geographical pocketing will be carried out at three levels including districts, thesils and union councils in each Province of Pakistan, FATA and State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Once the geographical areas will be map out the Act- international will start working on the identification and selection of local organizations (NGOs, CBO- Clusters, forums etc.) based on in those respected districts, thesils and union councils. In this context the capacity assessment tool kit will be used to finalize the potential local organizations and categories those on the basis of different thematic program areas including child protection, health, education, livelihoods and youth development etc. This whole process of registering the local partners as consortium member with Act-International will be processed as per policy of partnership and consortium building of Act- International. After registering as member of the Act- International family the formal MOU has been signed between Act-International and partner member. Act-International has four modules for building the capacity of the partner organization which includes:

• Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening (ID/OS) assessment
• Shadow facilitation and follow up
• Mentoring and Partnering as Consortium member
• Cohesion and Integration Exercise

Once the partner member has completed the module –I it will be graduated and legible for partnership. The maximum period for graduation will be six months after the signing of MOU. Within the eighteen months the four modules will be completed. The significant aspect of the whole process will be reaching to the concept of specialization and building cohesion and integration with other partners in the same proximity. This whole process will be lead to develop indigenous base of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) which minimize the service delivery cost and ensure consistency and sustainability in development initiatives. This approach has a clear motto of Reaching Prosperity through Partnering (RPP) at grass roots level.

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