Charity through involving philanthropists

The organization will establish a Charity Fund by mobilizing the local, national and international philanthropists. The proposed fund will be generated by developing targeted program interventions focusing on orphans, children in street, disable, widows and highly vulnerable community groups within the proposed program outreach. The consistency and sustainability of the program will be the prime principle and without carrying out a situation analysis/ base line and comprehensive project outline with clear milestone funds will not be mobilized.

The detailed strategy for Charity Funds Mobilization (CFM) through philanthropists will be developed as a guiding principle for Charity Driven Program (CDP). The CDP will have short, medium and long term programs in education, health, livelihoods and child protection. The country and city based partnering will be developed on incremental basis where the recipient city will become the friend of city from whom the charity generated. This phenomenon will be called “Helping Hand” and operated by designating Helping Hand Forums (HHFs) in each twin city or village.

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