Since last two decades, the mushroom growth of non government organizations has been observed in Pakistan which can be considered a positive sign of vibrant civil society groups in terms of their commitment for marginalized segment of society. Nevertheless, at the same time harmonizing the efforts and resources of NGOs became the emerging challenge with perspective of integration of development initiatives and subsequent capacity of service delivery at grass roots level. Thus, in 2011, a group of development practitioners and professionals envisaged that there is an ample need of an organization which can serve as a catalyst for change process by engaging the civil society organizations, public sector service providers and disadvantaged groups of communities at large with a motive of better tomorrow for all. It contributes to the efforts of pooling the resources, specialization and strengthening the integration of development initiatives within same proximity. This situation persuaded the founding members of ACT International to develop an organization which can provide space to all actors, particularly local community based organizations, public sector departments and not for profit apex-organizations, both national and international, to bridge the gap of coordination, collaboration and mutual cooperation by building consortiums for a particular geographical area with a comprehensive development frame work. The proposed development framework addresses poverty as a complex and interlinked set of issues, mitigate the sufferings of people facing disasters/conflicts, ensure that children are protected from all types of neglect, abuse and exploitation, empower women by enlarging their choices, contribute in addressing the challenges of youth development & unemployment, contribute in improving environment & climate change scenario, work on social cohesion, generate evidence based research and build constituencies for advocacy work. It will also contribute in strengthening the institutional and organizational development of local NGOs and community based organization (CBOs) at grass roots level.

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